Radiator repair

Your radiators can be used to simply distribute heat around your home, or a design feature to improve the look of a room. Regardless of the way you use them you will notice if they stop working. The L&D Group has been repairing and installing radiators in Plymouth for over 10 years.

If you find your radiators to be cold or partially cold there is normally sludge trapped causing the issue. This is normally found at the bottom of the radiator causing it to feel warm at the top but cold at the bottom. To remove the sludge you will need to power flush the radiator which will allow the water to fully circulate around the radiator and improve the heat distribution.

We don’t just offer radiator repair in Plymouth, we can install your new radiators or towel rails. Due to the amount of different types and sizes we are happy to give you some professional advice to help you decide the best option for you.

Replacing and installing a radiator

There are a number of different styles available to you depending on the size, stile of your room as well as the budget.

You might be unhappy with the heat a single panel radiator is providing or it could be due to having to large a room for one radiator.We can help you install a second radiator or one double to help ensure your room is the perfect temperature.

Our Plymouth Radiator repair engineers will easily be able to assess the current set up and system you are using and advice you accordingly on the options available to you. We can also advice you if the work you are asking for will require extra pipe work which will inevitably increase the cost.

If you are looking for radiators with thermostatic valves to ensure you can adjust the temperature to your personal preferred temperature our engineers can also advice you on costs.

Radiator Repair

Other radiator problems can involve the valves not working. Replacing these valves can be a simple job which will improve the control you have on the heat produced. Regulating how much hot water flows around the radiator.

If you have a serious issue like a hole or a crack the radiator will need replacing.