Central Heating

Why have a new home heating installation?

There are a few main reasons why you might be looking for heating installation in Plymouth. If you have a new property with out any heating system at all it would make sense to have heating and hot water.

You might have old underfloor heating or a system that is expensive to run and you would like to benefit from a newer more cost friendly boiler. A new condensing boiler will help reduce your monthly bills and give you more control on the heat you want to spread around your home. Installing a boiler will usually take between 1-3 days depending on the type of boiler and central heating system.

For further advice on our boiler installation in Plymouth, or to arrange one of our gas safe engineers to complete any repairs or servicing please contact us for more details.

My boiler has failed what can I do?

All boilers will start to fail when they get to a certain age. This can normally be very costly to repair and you will find hat when you have repaired one part another starts going wrong. This can lead to an expensive bill that can be avoided.

You might be presently surprised at the cost of a new boiler and it will save you money long term with reduced gas bills

My gas bills are high

Many old boilers are expensive to run and although you might think its cheaper not to have it replaced the long term costs will be a lot more. A condensing boiler will provide you with significant monthly savings meaning it is actually cheaper long term.

For more information about our central heating installation in Plymouth and the surrounding areas contact us for a no obligation quote.

Installation Guide

Our Installation Guide – What Happens from Quote to Completed Installation

The decision to have new appliances, or a whole heating system, installed is often big one. From your, the customers’ perspective, the investment of your time, and money, is significant. It is difficult to understand:

  • What is the most suitable system, or appliance, to have installed?
  • What fuel type, for the equipment, is the most cost effective?
  • I want to have the least carbon impact through my installation so what technology should I install?
  • Is there any Government funding, or support, for the technology I want to use?
  • Are there any other impacts, or factors, do I need to consider?

To help you through what can be a difficult process, here at The L and D Group , we offer bespoke installation services and our team will be on hand to guide you through every step of your new installation. We provide advice, and guidance, from initial quotation, to installation and then finally to post completion support. Our installation team are experts in a range of fuel types and will give you their time-served knowledge to ensure the most appropriate new installation within your home. Given that we cover most fuel types, our installations are focused around your objectives, the most suitable fuel type for your property and value for money. We are not biased, or limited, to any one type of fuel, or appliance, but focus on the best solution for you. Our quality, underpinned by our accreditations and quality assurance terms, has been designed to give you peace of mind throughout the installation. So below, we have set out an overview of the steps we take for any new installation:

Initial Contact

When you call The L and D Group to discuss a new installation our administration team will arrange an appointment for one customer support team, being a manager or an experienced technician, to come and assess you needs and view your property for the new installation. All visits, and quotations, are free of charge and at no obligation to purchase.

First Visit

When on site, we will review the current systems, and fuel types, you have at the property. We undertake, as far as we are able, a full survey to identify all aspects that might affect the installation. We will also discuss with you your objectives and any other factors, such as carbon saving aspirations, you might have. We will then advise on the best upgrades, new systems or appliances to have for your new installation. We will incorporate all of the factors in order to provide a quality value for money quotation.


After attending your property, we will design, and then quote a price, for your new installation. We produce a fully specified quotation for you to approve and forward this to you within 24 hours of the visit*. If your installation requires more specialised advice, or is of high complexity, the quote process may take longer but you will be advised of this at the time. All of our quotes are valid for 1 month to give you time to consider the options and designs provided. We will call you the day after the quote has been sent to ensure you have received it. If we haven’t heard from you within a further week after that, regarding the quote, a member of the customer support team will give you a courtesy call to see if we can help with any aspects or provide further information. Please remember, we offer to beat any "like for like" quote.

Accepting your Quotation

All of our quotations have an "Acceptance" slip attached to them. If you are happy accept our quote, all you need to do is either:

  • Return the acceptance slip in the "Freepost" envelope provided
  • Email us detailing your acceptance of the quote
  • We will then process your quotation through to our installation team and provide you with a date and time frame for your new installation to be completed.


Our installation team will come along to your property to fit all your new appliances and systems. Our fully qualified installers, and electricians, will ensure the equipment is fitted in line with current building and safety regulations. When appliances are commissioned, we ensure they are working correctly, tested and meet compliance requirements.


Once your installation is fully complete we will:

  • Certify the installation
  • Show you how to use the new equipment correctly
  • Supply a handover pack including instruction booklets
  • Provide you with an invoice for the completed works.

You will also receive a courtesy call from our team to ensure you are happy with your new installation and to see if we can do anything else to help such as provide breakdown and servicing cover for the new system.

Post completion

When your installation is concluded, we ensure that all documentation regarding warranties and sureties is completed and submitted for you. Where necessary, we also ensure matters are concluded with Building Control. We also undertake quality audits to make sure that installations have been completed properly.

The L and D Group will be in contact with you through every step of your job and will ensure that you receive quality service from start to finish. We aim to be supportive, progressive and innovative.